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Louisiana Delta Plantation


In September, 2005, M.J. Farms purchased 28,000+ acres of land. This land was part of the Louisiana Delta Plantation, the largest row-cropped farm in the United States, consisting of nearly 100,000 acres. The original farm was cleared from southern forest in the mid-1960’s by the Morrison family, who were headquartered in Nebraska. In 1995, the farm was broken up and began to be sold off. In 1997, an investment group in Chicago, Illinois bought the north portion of the farm, which consisted of more than 45,000 acres.

The purchase of 28,000+ acres by M.J. Farms from the Chicago Group included: 25,000 FSA acres, office headquarters, shop and fenced yard area, superintendent’s residence, drier and elevator, 10 equipment sheds, 19 center pivots and 6,400 acres of precision leveled land along with 130 water wells, and many drainage and water control structures. Inherited, in place, was a capable and active staff who managed the farming and maintenance operations on Louisiana Delta Plantation. Use of the name, Louisiana Delta Plantation, was also acquired in the purchase. M.J Farms has a vision of making Louisiana Delta Plantation a model farm over the next few years.

Louisiana Delta Plantation is located approximately 15 miles south of Jonesville, LA on Hwy 124, 30 miles northeast of Alexandria, LA and 30 miles west of Natchez, MS. It is adjacent to one of the largest Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) in the South, the Dewey Wills WMA. The WMA is adjacent to Catahoula Lake, famous for its duck hunting. It is also adjacent to Larto Lake on the south side, which is also known as a beautiful secluded hunting and recreation area. The southern border of the farm is the Diversion Canal connecting Catahoula Lake and the Black River. Just to the east of us is the Black River, which joins the Red River and eventually flows into the Mississippi River and Atchafalaya River via the Old River Control Structure.

Brief History

In the early 1900′s a Louisiana timber company owned a large track (over 120,000 acres) of land which they timbered and eventually sold to the Bartons in the 1950′s. The west side of the property in LaSalle Parish was sold to the state, approximately 60,000 acres, which became the Dewey Wills (Saline) Wildlife Management Area (WMA) and is adjacent to Catahoula Lake. The eastern property was sold in the mid-1960′s to the Morrison family from Nebraska. The Morrisons brought in 50-60 large Caterpillar dozers to clear the land for farm land. It became known as the Louisiana Delta Plantation and was recognized as one of the largest contiguous row crop farms in the United States.

This section of land began to be broken up and sold off in the mid-1990′s with the two primary divisions being known as the “north farm” and the “south farm.” In 1997, an investment group in Chicago, Illinois bought the north farm, which consisted of more than 45,000 acres.  The Chicago investors sold some marginal outlying parcels of that property and focused on maximizing returns on the remaining farming surface (of which they precision leveled 6000 acres); at the same time dealing with an increasingly cumbersome 10 year hunting lease that left drainage structures in need of attention.

In September of 2005, M. J. Farms purchased 28,000 acres.  M. J. Farms has since bought out the remainder of that hunting lease and has invested in a Capital Improvement campaign focusing on not only the farming surface but also on drainage and roads.  Lime and mixed fertilize have been applied to cropland, major and minor drainage pipes have been replaced and installed and the equipment and pipe inventories have been increased. It is the goal of M. J. Farms to make Louisiana Delta Plantation a model farm within the first five years of ownership.

Here at Louisiana Delta Plantation we are excited about the future. Not only do we hope to develop a model farm, but also a hunting and recreation paradise. Be sure and check our other pages for more information.


Louisiana Delta Plantation is comprised of over 26,000 acres on the northern farm. The soil is rich with minerals that have been deposited over several centuries. The Delta soil has been enriched by the overflow from the Ouachita River, Black River and Mississippi River.

There are nearly 130 large capacity water wells that tap into a rechargeable water aquifer under the rich Delta soil. Unlike many places where ground water is depleted, the Delta Plantation has access to a continuous water supply.

The property includes 6,400 acres of precision leveled acres of rice land. Located on the property is a cotton gin with a 30,000+ bale capacity and two 12,500 bale capacity warehouses. The Plantation owns over $1,000,000 worth of maintenance equipment. The farm rotates crops of soybeans, corn, cotton, rice, grain sorghum and wheat. The average rainfall is 56 inches with 240 days of growing season.


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